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Google My Business: The Information You May Not Be Aware Of

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Several changes have been happening in 2017/2018 for Google My Business. Are you aware of the progress of this innovative tool?

Google avid users are usually updated with the never-ending series of development and updates of the services of the search engine, and this is the same with the Google My Business tool.

Last year new improvements were reported almost every month. Even though a few developments were fairly small scale, it is still necessary to be aware of these changes.

If you miss to check out your listing for a couple of months or even longer, it’s not yet too late for you. You still have the chance to stay ahead of the game.

GMB became more compatible with businesses with more than one location.

Location insights through the latest Google My Business API. API version 3.2 included additional support for location insights of your account. This initial development indicated that developers can create apps that can control other business branches and third parties, thereby allowing you to easily manage complex accounts of Google My Business. The API enables users to handle locations through changing the location details, viewing and reacting to customer reviews, and updating or creating posts (may include photos).

GMB improved the accessibility of businesses.

Key in accessibility elements for your business.

This development gathers details as regards the accessibility of your business. Then, these details are shared to your customers. You will then be requested to answer yes-or-no queries about the availability of facilities such as wheelchair-accessible entryways and parking or seating areas. This information can be accessed by your customers, thus allowing them to have a clear idea of your business’ features.

GMB offered more insights as regards the visibility of your business.

This month was a turning point for Google My Business. I had observed several developments of the API function, attribute choices, and insights highlights.

Include full location menus through the latest Google My Business API.

This minute change of the API function enables users to update menu information like prices and descriptions.

Download bulk insights for your listings.

Insights are essential hints in order for customers to gain access of your listing. Most of the time, customers look for sites using Google Search or Maps; these insights allow you to access to those details. This innovative feature enables users to download insights for several listings. This should give users a clear picture of how the online presences of various business branches are performing on the platforms through which most customers usually notice them.

Enter URL elements for your business to increase links to various information like the menu of a restaurant.

This new development does exactly what it is intended to do: starting April, Google My Business can add URL locations or options by keying in the appropriate URL in the respective attribute column.

Large-scale developments allow users to better announce their events and promotions and free mobile-friendly sites.

Post up-to-date details on the latest products, promotions, and forthcoming events. Stay connected with your clients through directly sharing updates from your listing.

Posting updates using Google My Business enables you to share products, services, and events on major platforms such as Google Maps and Search. Most recent updates are posted quickly (just seconds). This way, you can always have the opportunity to inform your customers about the newest information or updates.

Build a free mobile-optimized site for your business.

An optimized mobile site is a significant bonus that you can get when you claim your Google My Business listing. Google collects the mobile site (which is optimized for laptops or desktops as well) from the content in your listing. It will then immediately update your listing every time you modify details on it. Then you can freely edit or customize it according to your preferences.

GMB included beneficial data to enable you to optimize pictures.

Download data of photos for several locations with a bulk insights report.

Another large-scale improvement, this feature allows you to identify the number of photos that are connected with your listing and the number of views. You can also compare those views with your competitors. These changes are available in the following sections:

  • Total owner photos
  • Owner photo views
  • Total customer photos
  • Customer photo views.

GMB allows customers to directly connect with you via GMB listing.

Include links to specified options such as reservations or online orders. It makes it convenient for clients to immediately take action.

This indicates that customers can continue doing several key actions such as table reservation, appointment booking, and order placement.

GMB offered third-party integration features.

Update and create posts through the latest Google My Business API. The version 4.0 of the API includes options for hotel amenities, posts, and many more.

API versions have been improving every month. The October development broadened its scope, allowing third-party platforms to submit Google Posts for industries or companies that use Google My Business. The latest API version also highlights good-quality photos, updated review notifications, and post analytics, for instance, time a post was viewed prior to the moment when the CTA button was clicked.

GMB allows you to better define your business.

The latest options enable you to select from predefined descriptions of a business (e.g., “Some Kosher food,” “No Kosher food,” or “Strictly Kosher food.”).

This development improves the options that you can use to characterize your business. Earlier, yes/no options were introduced together with the URL improvement in April. The latest update enables users to be more definite as regards their provisions and services.

Customers who have left reviews to be notified when reply is recieved. 

Those who have left reviews on businesses via Google will now be notified, as the search giant is pushing out a new update that will allow customers (reviewers) to receive alerts once business owners respond to their online reviews. Considering the ability to submit reviews to Google has been here for quite some time, the ability to be informed about the developments of one’s review on Google has been long overdue.

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